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  • Somebody Created This.... Why?

    It took long hours.

    It is rather pointless, in the end.

    Why did they create it?

    Because they wanted it to exist.

    Whatever you find yourself in, you created it that way because you wanted it to exist that way.

    This is radical responsiblity for creating.

    This is your doorway for starting over and creating something different:

    taking radical responsibility for having created it this way in the first place.

    Find your old purpose.

    Choose a new purpose.

    Create in alignment with your new purpose.









  • Laws Of Creation

    The Future is about learning to create.


    There is no formula for creating. I cannot teach you a technique for creating. However, you can be empowered to create by making certain distinctions, and having a first hand experiences of the principles of creation.


    When we think of creating we most often think of creating objects, such as a painter creating a painting, a poet writing a poem, a carpenter building a piece of furniture, or a manager creating a plan.


    The purest and most powerful kind of creation is creating possibility - creating the possibility for something or some situation to exist which did not exist before. There are two domains in which to create possibility:

    1) Create possibility for yourself (this is done through shifting identity, shifting the internal conversation)

    2) Create possibility for others (this is done by shifting the external conversation)



    Most people are not creating. Most people are reacting to circumstances or even responding to circumstances, solving problems, or operating out of a set of beliefs, mottos or platitudes, etc. Relief from these problem circumstances is the primary interest of someone who is operating in this domain.


    When most people are faced with an opportunity to create, they take the situation and adjust it to fit into their existing belief system, and then go about living within their comfort zone. Perhaps at the edge of their comfort zone, but nonetheless, within their comfort zone. Creation does not happen in the domain of our psychological comfort zone, although one can become comfortable in an unconventional way in the domain of creation. Creation always pushes on oneself. There is a kind of heat to it; it demands something of us, but once you get bitten by creation you will never ever want anything else.


    When you are a creator, your relationship to life becomes more involved, more vital, more precious, more exciting, and more beautiful. For me and for some other people I know, creation is often like a perpetual state of being in love.


    Here at Rasa Floors you are fortunate that you have a leader who knows what he wants. And what he wants is very interesting to him, and it could be to you to. He wants to create Quantum Growth for Rasa Floors. He wants that you are twice as big as you are now in less than two years. He wants Rasa Floors to have $18,000,000 in volume; which is $1.5 million per month beginning ____________.


    Most people would say it can't be done, or that it is too difficult, etc., and then they would be committed to prove it by not creating it. This is reasonable. No one in the world would say you did a bad job if you continued to grow at your present rate. Yet Michael Rasa is committed to creating Quantum Growth.



    Most people would look at the unreasonableness of Michael's request and decide that it would be a lot easier for him to adjust his desired results to fit the existing methods and procedures which are known and familiar rather than to adjust the methods and procedures so as to accomplish his goals.


    The $18,000,000 will not be found by waiting around for them to show up by themselves. These results must be created.



    How are the results to be created? The fact is that we do not know the specifics of how the results will be created. We do however, understand the creative principle known as Directed Tension.


    Directed Tension is the result of the force that results between two conflicting but simultaneously held perceptions. The two perceptions are:

    1) A clear vision of the results desired

    2) A clear vision of current reality.


    Normally, two things cannnot occupy the same place at the same time. A human being has the capacity to have two things occupy the same place at the same time, and be aware of both of these conditions at the same time, the vision and the current reality. The tension of the perceived difference between what is sincerely desired and all the parts of that vision which are lacking in present reality produces a natural force (Directed Tension) to correct the condition. Reality is directed by this tension to move towards the desired results.


    For example: If I am in charge of speaking to referred clients about just exactly what they need to get a job done so that we can order materials, load up the trucks and schedule work crews, and I handle 15 jobs a week, and the vision which I have chosen to commit to is to double my throughput, that is, to handle 30 jobs a week, who would I have to be to make that happen? What are all the things that don't match? What action steps can I take right now to move in the direction of making current reality match the vision?


    Once reality matches with the vision, the creation is complete, and it is time to establish a new condition of Directed Tension. Any successful manager has mastered the skill of creating Directed Tension, and teaches others on his or her team to do the same.





    When you really commit to something it produces a shift in who you are. Before the commitment who you are does not include what you are committed to. After you commit, who you are actually includes what you commit to. Committing changes who you are. When you ARE different, then you have different possibilities. One way to create possibility for yourself, then, is to commit to something.


    For example, my friends daughters are totally into horses. They breathe horses. The walls of their rooms are covered with horse pictures, bridles, horse shoes, ribbons from jumping competitions, bundles of horse hair from their favorite horses. Now, my friend never particularly liked horses. As his children grow and change, he keeps recommitting to them. And at one point he realized that committing to his children meant committing to horses. All of a sudden he has horses in his life simply because of his commitment. In this case, to his children.


    Once you learn the mechanics of commitment, you will be able to create things that you never before dreamed were possible for you and those in your life. Big commitments will no longer be a problem or a burden. Rasa Floors doing 18 million dollars in business will not push on you, like a problem.


    What happens if Rasa Floors does $18,000,000? What is in it for you? Do you want that? (take answers)


    What's in it for you besides all the percs and bonuses Michael gives is that you get to learn to be a creator, and you can take that with you.


    Can you commit to making that happen? I want you to seriously consider this question. If you have doubts about it, I want you to speak truthfully about your considerations.


    (Ask individuals. Do not get a mob fantasy agreement. You need real communication from individuals. You are bringing a commitment into the body of Rasa employees and staff. Take your time. You don't want it to conclude here. You need time to land commitment as an experience in the whole group.)


    If not, what comes up for you? (begin to identify the voices which are showing up)


    One standard answer to the invitation to commit is: "I don't believe it is possible." which is really "I don't know how." The truth is that "I don't know how" is a totally separate and irrelevant consideration to the commitment to create $18,000,000. The commitment always comes first, and then the knowledge of how to make it all happen comes after the commitment. What we are always dealing with in the face of commitment is our internal voices which disempower us.



    "I don't know how" is a voice. If we listen to that voice we have eliminated the possibility of the possibility. Voices have a tendency to disempower us, distract us, or bring us into our heads. We are going to teach you a way to deal with voices.



    "Here in Texas, every person is born with a gun. Perhaps you didn't know this. Reach down and find gun. Pull it out. This gun is for shooting voices. You have an infinite number of bullets. You don't have to aim - the bullets automatically hit the target. Note that the voices are in the air outside of your skull. Shoot them there. The voices are not inside of your head."

    Read one of the following sentences out loud and instruct the people to complete the sentence for themselves out loud. What come out is one of the disempowering voices. Invite them to shoot it with their "gun".

    Demonstrate a couple times.

    Complete the following sentences out loud:

    I could make a difference in the world if:

    I could really be myself if:

    I could be big and powerful if:

    I could be a leader if:

    I could be win in my life if:

    I could be be successful if:

    I could be be wealthy if:

    I could be totally relaxed if:

    I could be immensely happy if:

    I was given a promise when I was born. I could fulfill that promise if:

    I could be completely loved if:

    I could speak out my wisdom:

    I could speak the truth if:

    I could be completely healthy if:

    I could ask for what I need if:



    Ask what people got from this exercise of shooting the voices.

    Ask what people are feeling now as a result of shooting all of the voices (power, joy, freedom)



    Can you commit to Rasa Floors making $18,000,000 in ____________?

    This act of committing to produce $18,000,000 is a completely free choice.

    If it is not a free choice then it is not a commitment. It is an obligation.

    If we are committed to the result of $18,000,000 then we have to do it even if we don't know how to do it. The commitment comes first. Only after a commitment is it necessary to actually figure out how to do it.


    (If practical time and space and energy objections arise, agree with them - what they are saying is completely true under normal circumstances. Then begin to show them that these are not normal circumstances. Their considerations are not wrong or bad, but definitely not valid anymore.)

    Say, "Yes, you are correct. Under normal circumstances this could not be done. Lucky for us, this is not a normal situation because Michael Rasa is the kind of man who makes impossible things happen."


    Commitment is a speech act. It is a declaration, to begin with. A kiss is more than a kiss.


    Can you commit to Rasa Floors being 18 million dollars in _________?


    (commitment has landed in Rasa now)


    If you create what you have always created you will get what you've always gotten.



    We are creating all of the time. Every movement of our body, every word, every place we look or place our attention, every word we speak is an act of creation. We are already at source. However, almost everything we create we are unconscious of. This is unconscious creation. If we create unconsciously, then everything created conforms to laws Below The Line, and can only serve our psychological defense strategy - our survival conversation.





    It is possible to make our creating conscious. We can only do this by being someone other that who we have always been. Becoming someone else is called Shifting Identity. The new identity has possibilities available that original identity did not.


    As mentioned before, we can shift identity by making a commitment.

    If we are committed to keeping our agreements, for example, then when we regard ourselves internally, or we look at ourselves in the mirror, who we train ourselves to see is integrity, or impeccability. The experience is, "I am integrity." This is a totally new way to be, a totally shifted identity. The new identity inherently has a totally new set of possibilities.


    We shift identities many times during a day. We shift identities with each person we relate to, even over the phone. We are different with our children, our mates, our neighbors, a police man, a bank teller. We actually enjoy shifting identities. That is why movies and theater are so popular. We can identify with the different characters. That is why costume parties are so fun, and dress up occassions, and going to the beach in swimwear, etc.


    Most people shift identity unconsciously. A creator learns to shift identity consciously to serve a purpose. If a person has the ability to consciously shift identity, then they can be whatever they want or need to be to create whatever they want to create. If you do not have the capacity to consciously shift identity, then you are automatically a victim to your masks.


    A mask is driven by a psychological imperative. (I need to look good, etc.)






    putting hand on face, moving it away, putting it back on the face and experienceing yourself behind your mask.




    When we were born we were inspired. We had the vision of life as an adult, but we were children and in a child's body and in a child's situation (victim) and that was how it was. Our inspiration was burried under the "have to's" from our parents, and our reaction to the hopeless situations. This process is about digging out and reconnecting with the source of our inspiration, giving it a voice, and claiming our adulthood.

    Pair up.

    Choose who goes first.

    Other person gives commands.









    First person gives a voice to what he always wanted to say when this happened to him as a child but couldn't or they would be punished or killed.


    This is the source of all our creations. This is the source of inspiration. If this process is successful, a person changes into a star. They give off more energy than they take in. They are able to serve. They are able to create. Life Above The Line is when this liberated energy serves the commitment rather than serving the psychology. Mother Theresa versus Hitler or a serial killer.

    Here are the commands:

    You have to sit still.

    be quiet.

    wear these clothes.

    eat this food.

    wake up.

    go to school.

    be nice.

    stop asking questions.

    stop laughing.

    stop crying.

    stop complaining.

    share your toys.

    grow up.

    be good.

    do what I say.

    take care of me.

    brush your teeth.

    pay attention.

    listen to what I say.

    don't do that.


    Debrief. What did you learn?



    (20 minutes)

    "In order to create possibility for others you must first be able to be in contact with them. This excercise is to learn a little more about contact."

    Talk about what contact is:

    Mothers with babies.

    We long for contact. Contact as nutrition.

    Establishing contact is like calling someone on the phone and having them pick up the phone. If they don't pick up the phone you cannot communicate.

    The better the contact, the better the communication succeeds.

    There are some people who live their lives without real contact.

    You can be in contact with people in the world and bless them.

    Contact is crucial between members of a successful organization.




    "Choose a partner, men with men and women with women."

    Then you borrow a partner and demonstrate. Choose one of the male leaders.

    Contact is about being, not about doing. We can BE in contact with each other.

    Contact is first established by saying, "Hello".

    Put up your hands and have them do the same. Your hands touch their hands, palms together.

    Say, "I will be in contact with you. You move your hands around. I will follow and support. Contact is about following and supporting."

    Have them begin. Go around and coach people to keep eye contact, no talking, pay attention that they don't make this silly and thus destroy the opportunity to learn something important, to slow down, and to notice when the other person is successfully in contact with them.

    Then have them stop, pull their hands away from each other about one inch, and keep going for about 2 minutes.

    Have them switch roles and start again with "Hello."

    Have them stop and sit down.

    Ask, "What did you experience?"





    CREATING POSSIBILITY FOR OTHERS: SHIFTING THE EXTERNAL CONVERSATION (Bernhard wanting to leave and us wanting to stay.)

    Who people are is the conversation that is coming out of their mouth right now.

    We commonly assume that the present conversation is the only possible conversation, and that we can have either this or that.

    Conversations can be shifted such that we can have this AND that, and that it is a win win situation instead of a win lose situation.

    There are many ways to shift conversations.

    Shifting external conversations requires that you give things the time they need so they can occur in their own time - shifting external conversations cannot be rushed. (Whereas, shifting internal conversations can be instantaneous: BANG! It's shifted.)

    The most important skill in shifting a conversation is Responsible Listening.

    When two conversations are being created in the same space at the same time, there is a conflict of conversations.

    Just because you experience a conflict of conversations with someone else does not necessarily mean that they experience a conflict of conversations with you.

    Most of the time we unconsciously try to avoid a conflict of conversations by only getting in the same space with people who are in agreement with us or with whom we have previous understanding. If we can avoid a conflict of conversations then we can pretend that our conversation is the only conversation which exists. We can then be identified with our conversation about ourselves, other people and the world. This feels comfortable and safe to us. It feels normal to us.

    When there is no conflict of conversation, nothing can change.

    A creator does not let his or her fear stop them from moving towards conflicting conversations.

    In order to shift an external conversation, we must first be willing to tolerate the discomfort of experiencing a conflict of conversations.

    A shift of conversation has occurred when one of the conflicting conversations "wins" by becoming predominant, and there is a new agreement or understanding.

    The conversation which wins (becomes predominant) is the conversation which is more fluid. (has more possibilities, is bigger picture, can contain the other conversation - not by control but by clarity, context, wisdom)

    The value of engaging other people with whom you have conflicting conversations is that you may discover someone who has a conversation more fluid than yours. By engaging them, they may create the possibility that your conversation shifts to agree with theirs and therefore your conversation becomes more fluid. There is no top end.


    Some of the ways you can create a fluid conversation for yourself:

    Learn to move orthoganally (demonstrate finger going through fingers, and Dennis Rodman studying other people's moves) to the unstated assumptions of the space.

    Learn to stay awake enough in situations so you can speak from a different domain than the dominant conversation.

    Declare to yourself that "Something else is possible here."

    Use questions to direct the other persons' attention to a new mutual benefit or value.

    Make the other person the most important consideration - it's not about you. It's about them. Be interested rather than interesting.

    Commit to the other people's commitments.

    Discover the truth of the statement "I already have everything that I need" and declare this to yourself, so that your life is not about survival anymore.

    Ask yourself the question: "What am I creating here?"

    Always be aware of the purpose which the converstion you create serves. Is it serving your psychology? Or is it serving your commitment? In each moment, with each word, you choose which purpose it serves. If you are not aware of making this choice, then your conversation is serving your psychological purposes (ie. your stories, survival conversations, positions, defense strategies, games to get payoffs, etc.)



    (20 minutes)

    "Pair up with someone."

    "Think of three people in your workaday world with whom you know that you have a conflict of conversations. This could be suppliers, sales people, managers, clients, fellow workers, office staff, anyone in the organization or who you interact with as a matter of doing your work. Put your hand up when you have thought of three people. This can be a conflict over the tiniest of things."

    "If you can't think of three people, think of two people."

    "Decide which one of you will go first and put your hand up."

    "Select the most difficult of these people you imagined and tell your partner that this is who they are. It doesn't matter if they are a man and the person they are supposed to be is a woman. Your partner is that person. Tell them just a little about this person they are to become so that they can act like them and speak to you like them."

    "Then call them up on the phone and create possibility for them. Create a shift in the conversation."

    I demonstrate. Point out some details of how you did what you did. Ask for questions.

    Have them begin. Give them 3 to 5 minutes. Have them stop.

    Have their partner give them feedback as to how they did.

    If they made mistakes have them not feel bad about it. It is just a "BEEP!"

    Switch roles. Go again.

    Stop. Have them get feedback.

    Have people sit down. Ask, "What did you learn?"





    (50 minutes)

    Have them slowly walk around the room, checking out the other people.

    Say, "Notice the different ways your body automatically responds to each of the other people as you walk by them."

    Say, "Find someone with whom you have a conflict of conversations. You can actually detect this in your body by noticing a tightening or fearful reaction. Pair up with one of these people and face each other."

    Do a demonstration. (Actually find a real person in the room with whom you have a conflict of conversation. Do not fake this. Do not pretend.) Ask them if they have the same experience of a conflict of conversation with you. Then proceed to shift the external conversation.

    After the conversation has shifted, ask the person what they experience now.

    Ask for questions, and explain details about what how you created what you created.

    Have them begin. Give them 5 to 7 minutes. Have them stop.

    Have their partner give them feedback as to how they did.

    If they made mistakes have them not feel bad about it. It is just a "BEEP!"

    Switch roles. Go again.

    Stop. Have them get feedback.

    Have people to sit down. Ask, "What did you learn from this experience?"

    Have them stand up, select another person which whom they have a conflict of conversation and partner up. Do the exercise again.

    Have them stop and sit down.

    Ask, "What have you realized about creation?"




    Michael Rasa has put a challenge before us: Quantum Growth for Rasa Floors.

    Previous to now that was impossible, because we were already producing the maximum that we were capable of.

    Now we have begun learning about creating.

    Creation happens through Directed Tension

    First we have a clear vision of the desired result.

    Then we have a ruthlessly honest perception of current reality.

    The contrast between the vision of the desired result and the perception of current reality produces the force which moves us towards the results.

    Since we were already working at maximum, then Quantum Growth for Rasa Floors can only be created by us if we become different.

    How do we become different? By shifting identity.

    How do we shift identity? By committing.

    Our commitment has created the possibility for us to be whoever we need to be to make Quantum Growth happen in our department, and to play as a coordinated team with all the other departments.

    Who we were before now did not include us working as a team together to create $18,000,000. Now this is who we are. We have committed to fulfilling that vision.

    The commitment has shifted our identity.

    Before we were limited my our internal conversation, the voices, who we thought we were. Voices like: "I don't know how" we can shoot. This shifts the internal conversation.

    Then we discover internal inspiration. We discover the force of creation is "I AM!!!"

    Now we can create the possibility of Quantum Growth for others.

    First we must be in contact with others.

    Then we discover that their internal conversation does not yet include the possibility of Quantum Growth. That is okay.

    What we have discovered is a conflict of conversations. Their internal conversation does not include Quantum Growth. Ours does.

    How do we create possibility for others? By inviting them to shift their identity. We can show others the value of the vision of Quantum Growth, and show them the specific exact details of current reality, and then show them that by paying attention to the details we can in fact, step by step, create the reality of Quantum Growth. And doesn't that sound valuable for everyone and fun and exciting?

    This is where we are going: $18,000,000 for Rasa Floors. We are committed. It is happening. Do you want to be a part of this?

    When the others (sales people, craftsmen, suppliers) commit to the vision of Quantum Growth, they have shifted identity, they have become it, and then together with them you can go about to include someone else who has a conflict of conversations with the vision.

    In this way Quantum Growth for Rasa Floors is a done deal. The chalk has hit the floor.

  • Being Archetypal Love

    Being Archetypal Love will involve every bit of matrix you have built into your Energetic Body,

    plus all your wits to stay centered, grounded, bubbled,

    and present to your Bright Principles

    while serving your Archetypal Lineage.

    Enduring the unbearable lightness of Being.












    SPARK050.00: If you are not feeling afraid, you are not creating.



    Sit yourself at your desk at home or at work and let yourself feel afraid for no reason. Let 10% to 20% intensity fear come up - just stop blocking your fear and you will feel it. Feel that chill down your spine? Feel the hair on your arms stand up? See how quick it comes?


    Run your fear through your new wiring where “fear is fear,” and then use the fear as the energy for doing the next thing that needs to be done, whatever it is. Use your free roving attention to scan all there is to do next. You might discover, for example, the next thing could be to call your mother, or go to the dentist, or open your bottom drawer and read an insurance paper, or read your appointment calendar for tomorrow afternoon. Fear may direct you to take an action that is completely unexpected and totally appropriate. Two things you can discover by doing this experiment once a day are:

    1) responsible fear has wisdom that you can trust, and

    2) the unknown contains useful possibilities but you gain access to them only if it is okay for you to feel fear.