the Bright Principle of which all other Bright Principles are facets

  • Somebody Created This.... Why?

    It took long hours.

    It is rather pointless, in the end.

    Why did they create it?

    Because they wanted it to exist.

    Whatever you find yourself in, you created it that way because you wanted it to exist that way.

    This is radical responsiblity for creating.

    This is your doorway for starting over and creating something different:

    taking radical responsibility for having created it this way in the first place.

    Find your old purpose.

    Choose a new purpose.

    Create in alignment with your new purpose.

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  • Being Archetypal Love

    Being Archetypal Love will involve every bit of matrix you have built into your Energetic Body,

    plus all your wits to stay centered, grounded, bubbled,

    and present to your Bright Principles

    while serving your Archetypal Lineage.

    Enduring the unbearable lightness of Being.